Jobs & careers

Jobs & Careers

HTG has won the Golden FD Gazellen Award for fastest-growing company in the "large" category five times in a row. The awards are organized each year by Het Financieel Dagblad, the Dutch financial daily. We are enormously proud of this acknowledgement, which we can only attribute to our employees’ successes.

A strong, dedicated, international team of young people, our employees give their all every single day. For this reason, we offer our team extensive opportunities to grow in their profession. As an employer, HTG is characterized by the following core values:

  • International: We operate in over 110 countries across six continents—the whole world is our workplace. Consequently, taking business trips and visiting trade fairs abroad forms a significant part of our work. Our team consists of more than 20 nationalities and each team member speaks an average of three languages fluently.
  • Young: The average employee age within our organization is between 25 and 35 years old.
  • Dynamic: Our markets are unpredictable. Product developments, currency fluctuations and laws and regulations provide constant new challenges.
  • Co-entrepreneurial: has their own PMC (Product Market Combination) and is responsible for achieving set targets. They employees are then involved with how their own PMCs progress, from the acquisition stage to sales processing, much like they are running their own shops.
  • Versatile: Our team deals with every aspect of international trade: business trips, different cultures, relationship management, negotiation, finances and logistics.
  • Prospective: We offer each of our employees the chance to develop themselves further within their field. We also offer an extensive package with attractive employment conditions.